How It Works

How to submit a SealedBid

01 . Find a Property

Simply find the property and look for the SealedBid icon, you can then make a SealedBid for the property online with little fuss.

As a prospective purchaser, your solicitor will be able to view and download the legal package relating to the property in question. Your solicitor will be able to contact the seller’s solicitor if they have any queries.

Our unique Proptech platform will enable you to buy property online. You will experience secure and easy online property execution first hand.


In order to make an offer, you must sign up and fill in the verification form, which
includes details of your solicitor.

Your solicitor must confirm your identity. Once your identity is confirmed and
financial status known, you will be able to make an offer.

Note: For security and legal reasons, you must verify your identity on a per property

03 . Submit your sealedbid

Once you are verified, the “SealedBid” button will be available.

When you submit a SealedBid and once it is accepted by any of the sales methods, a digitally signed contract is created and sent to all parties.


We digitally encrypt your offer to ensure that is secure. You will receive a copy of your Digitally Signed Document for your records.